May 2022
- Climate and Energy - General - Trade
From seed to skin: how biodiesel makes the EU go round – and go green
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September 2020
- Trade
European Commission launches investigation to extend “B99” measures against US biodiesel imports
On September 14th 2020, the European Commission formally launched an investigation review aiming at extending anti-dumping and countervailing measures applicable […]
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November 2019
- Press Releases - Trade
EBB welcomes the imposition of definitive anti-subsidy duties on Indonesian biodiesel imports
On November 13th 2019, Member States’ Representatives in the EU Trade Defence Instruments (TDI) Committee discussed and approved with a […]
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January 2019
- Press Releases - Trade
EBB welcomes the adoption of definitive anti-subsidy duties vs. Argentinean unfair imports.
The EU biodiesel industry will monitor the correct execution of the related Price Undertaking agreement. During today’s EU Trade Defence Committee […]
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