September 2020
- Trade
European Commission launches investigation to extend “B99” measures against US biodiesel imports
On September 14th 2020, the European Commission formally launched an investigation review aiming at extending anti-dumping and countervailing measures applicable to imports of biodiesel originating in the United States of America (USA), the so called “B99” measures. The EBB welcomes this review, which was triggered by an EBB request from June 11th 2020 on behalf of the European biodiesel industry, for an extension of the abovementioned duties for an additional 5 years to continue protecting our industry from unfairly subsidized US biodiesel. Speaking on behalf of the EBB, Kristell Guizouarn (EBB President) stated that “The EBB aims to ensure a level playing on the European market. This implies we will request duties for subsidized biodiesel entering the EU, such it is the case for US exports to Europe.” The notices of initiation confirm that sufficient evidence of a likelihood and injury exist to justify the initiation of an expiry review in this case. The subsequent investigation will determine whether the expiry of the measures would be likely to lead to a continuation or recurrence of subsidisation of the product under review originating in the country concerned and a continuation or recurrence of injury to the European industry. The investigation should be concluded within 12 months, and in any event no later than 15 months from September 14th 2020. During the investigation period the existing duties will remain in place. Ms. Guizouarn added that “the EBB will continue supporting the European Commission in this trade case, and hopefully ensure a successful conclusion for this expiry review.” Background on this trade case: The original “B99” complaint was first lodged by the EBB in 2008, resulting in the imposition of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures for 5 years, starting in July 2009. Duties were then circumvented via Canada, which led to the imposition of anti-circumvention measures in 2011. In 2015, these duties were extended for 5 years since the circumstances had not changed then. Download full article here
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