November 2019
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EBB welcomes the imposition of definitive anti-subsidy duties on Indonesian biodiesel imports
On November 13th 2019, Member States’ Representatives in the EU Trade Defence Instruments (TDI) Committee discussed and approved with a large majority the imposition of anti-subsidy (AS) duties on Indonesian unfair imports of biodiesel. The EBB welcomes this decision in the interests of fair-trade practices and is pleased to see the European Institutions working hard to protect the European biodiesel sector. Following a complaint submitted by the EBB, the European Commission investigated extensively the market conditions under which biodiesel imports came from Indonesia. In its final disclosure on October 4th 2019, the Commission recommended the imposition of definitive countervailing duties on imports of biodiesel originating in Indonesia, ranging from 8% to 18%. Earlier today, the EU TDI Committee strongly supported and confirmed this recommendation to impose definitive duties against Indonesian unfair imports of biodiesel. Speaking on behalf of the EBB, Kristell Guizouarn (EBB President) stated “the Member States endorsement of the Commission proposal recognizes the market disruption caused by unfair biodiesel imports from Indonesia, and we are pleased to verify that the European institutions supported a quick imposition of definitive duties on biodiesel imports from Indonesia in this case. This will avoid any unfairly subsidized biodiesel from Indonesia reaching the European market and level the playing field.” Ms. Guizouarn concluded by saying that “the EBB works hard, on behalf of the whole European biodiesel industry, to fight against unfair trade practices from foreign competitors to ensure a level playing field on the EU biodiesel market. In this case, it became clear to us that massive subsidies were granted to Indonesian biodiesel producers which allowed them to export subsidized palm biodiesel to the EU causing an imminent threat of material injury to the EU industry. We are pleased to have confirmation that the thorough investigation by the European Commission came to a successful end by identifying significant subsidies on Indonesian biodiesel and, consequently, imposing definitive anti-subsidy duties on Indonesian biodiesel to stop this unfair situation and restore a level-playing field in the EU.Download the Press Release here 
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