European Biodiesel Board



Grouping Major Biodiesel Producers and Promoting the use of Biodiesel in the EU

The European Biodiesel Board also known as EBB, is a non-profit organisation established in January 1997. EBB aims to promote the use of biodiesel in the European Union, at the same time, grouping the major EU biodiesel producers.
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To achieve its aims, EBB

  • represents its members to the institutions of the European Union and other international organisations
  • promotes scientific, technological, economic, legal and research activities
  • collects, analyses and disseminates information
  • studies problems confronted by the biodiesel industry and suggests solutions at economic, political, legal, institutional and technical levels

Located in Brussels, EBB has achieved a high degree of visibility and confidence vis-a-vis the EU institutions, and non-governemental organisations alike through its networking, information gathering and co-ordination activities.



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