April 2023
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Only by joining forces can we ensure the EU is on the right track to curb emissions from the HDV sector
The biodiesel industry is gearing up for an exciting event this year - the 1st European B+ Summit, which is taking place in Estoril, Portugal on 26-27-28 April 2023. The conference, promoted by three major European biodiesel industry associations - the EBB, ABA & EWABA, is set to bring together players in the industry to discus various issues, with a particular focus on the decarbonization of Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDV) through higher biodiesel blends. To find out more about the conference, visit the official website and read below what Xavier Noyon, Secretary General of the EBB, has to say about the event and the reasons behind its organization: Why are you organizing the 1st European B+ Summit? A revision of the CO₂ standards for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) is currently on the table, with an ambitious plan aimed at reducing emissions by 90% by 2050. Sustainable biofuels such as biodiesel (FAME & HVO), which are already helping to reduce emissions from the existing fleet, have the potential to meet this challenge due to their immediate compatibility. We decided to organise the 1st B+ Summit because, as the EU legislative process advances, it is crucial to discuss the constraints of the current proposal, and the potential of scaling up the use of higher blends of biodiesel like B20, B30, B100, or HVO, up to 100%, to quickly abate road transport emissions. Why did you choose Portugal to host the 1st edition? Portugal is a leading country in the decarbonisation of transport, with good examples to showcase, and a vibrant biodiesel industry, producing from all kinds of sustainable raw materials. Also, the EBB has very good relationships with the two Portuguese industry associations in the sector (ABA and APPB), and for us it seemed natural to work on such a high-profile event. The good weather, great food, and welcoming people, all made it even more appealing to organize this conference in Estoril. How important is it for EU Member States and industry players to work together to decarbonise the European transport sector? Extremely important! Transport is one of the few sectors in Europe where emissions are still growing. At present, its decarbonisation seems distant and difficult to achieve. However, it is still possible to turn the tide, but only if the EU decides not to overlook the potential of B+, HVO and other renewable fuels as low hanging fruits. With this in mind, we have developed the B+ Manifesto, with our key policy asks, and our call to action to rally policymakers, industry players, and other transport and logistics companies. Only by joining forces can we send a strong message and ensure that the EU is on the right track to curb emissions from the HDV sector. What do you expect as a successful outcome from the B+ Summit? We look forward to welcoming like-minded industry players to Estoril, and creating a space for exchange and debate on many topics, including B+ use, B+ pioneers, case studies on B+ equipment and the necessary regulatory framework. We are confident that a fruitful and constructive dialogue between the market and policymakers, in a crucial year in terms of EU regulatory output, can shape the future of the EU transport sector and drive the EU's decarbonisation goals.
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