April 2023
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EBB, ABA, EWABA Joint Press Release – B+ Manifesto calls for policy actions to step-up decarbonisation of Heavy-Duty Vehicles
28 April 2023, Estoril, Portugal: on the occasion of the 1st  B+ Summit, a diverse group of more than 50 organizations has decided to sign the B+ Manifesto on Decarbonising Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs) with higher biodiesel blends. The B+ Manifesto emphasizes the need to decarbonise the existing HDV fleet in the most cost-effective way, and highlights the potential of all green fuels to achieve this goal. The document will be officially launched today at the B+ Summit, the first European conference dedicated to higher biodiesel blends. It calls on policymakers to put in place a regulatory framework that respects technology neutrality and differentiates between CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and emissions from biogenic fuels. It urges policymakers to consider vehicles powered by carbon-neutral fuels as equivalent to battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, and to allow higher blends of green fuels, particularly in dedicated and captive fleets. The B+ Manifesto underlines the potential of green fuels to contribute to the circular economy, promote the bioeconomy, and reduce reliance on imported fuels. It also recognizes the role of the internal combustion engine, particularly the diesel engine, when running on renewable and zero-emission fuels. "The B+ Manifesto lays out a blueprint for helping the HDV sector deliver big GHG emission savings, and quickly. The wide range of organisations who have signed this document demonstrates a solid industry commitment to finding cost-effective and efficient solutions to reduce fossil fuel use. The EBB is proud to stand behind this initiative, which should be a wake-up call, or a reminder for European policymakers about the far greater potential there is for biodiesel, HVO, and other renewable fuels as low-hanging fruit in this decarbonisation effort." stated Mr. Dickon Posnett, EBB President and Director of Corporate Affairs at Argent Energy. Mr. Ewald-Marco Muenzer, EWABA President and CEO of Muenzer Bioindustrie also commented: "We stand for mobility and for regional added value. We collect waste and residues and thus drive the circular economy. We reduce greenhouse gas emissions, day by day, without de-industrialization. The industry has already gone further, higher blends are a reality. Politicians must now provide the framework for implementing climate protection and mobility in equal measure." Mr. Emanuel Proença, ABA President and CEO of Prio concluded: "We hope that the B+ Summit, will result in a more common and clear framework on how all European entities and stakeholders involved in the Heavy-Duty Road mobility can accelerate its ddecarbonisation, creating a solid common work platform where we share great examples and best practices to learn and evolve faster together. This will also be materialized in our B+ Manifesto, which will be signed at the Summit, and in which we jointly defend the core principles to support a path of opportunities, involvement, and development for the decarbonization of transport through Green Fuels." Download Press Release Download the B+ Manifesto 
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