June 2023
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EBB Statistical Report 2023
We are delighted to present the first EBB statistical report, which provides a comprehensive overviewof the biodiesel industry in Europe and around the world. This report highlights the latest data andtrends on biodiesel production, feedstocks, and GHG savings associated with biodiesel use. Inaddition, to the biodiesel production (HVO and FAME) of the EBB members. We will be looking toimprove this report and include more information, for example on trade flows and production of foodand feed. We have used a number of sources to compile this data, in addition to input from our members. Forbiodiesel production and feedstock statistics, we worked with AMI (Agricultural Market Information),based in Germany, which provides UFOP (Union zur Foerderung von Oel und Protein Pflanzen E.V.)with its own global survey. For greenhouse gas savings, in the absence of internal data, we have usedthe expertise of Studio Gear Up and public data from the European Environment Agency. We believethat our industry's ability to demonstrate the 'real' savings made by our products is key to ouradvocacy work and we will continue to build on this work. Read the full report here.  
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