November 2022
- Climate and Energy
EBB-FEDIOL Recommendations for the trilogue negotiations on the Renewable Energy Directive III
The RED III final compromise should ensure that all sustainable renewable energy sources play a role in the decarbonisation of the EU transport sector. To allow the EU to meet its ambitious climate targets and provide stability and regulatory certainty to operators and the energy market, EBB and FEDIOL strongly urge the trilogue negotiating team to deliver on the following:
  1. Keep the cap on crop-based biofuels at 2020 consumption level with a maximum of 7% in the transport sector.
  2.  Maintain the possibility for farmers to calculate GHG emissions savings based on NUTS II regional values.
  3. Stick to the RED II timeline for the phaseout of high ILUC-risk feedstocks, namely by 2030.
  4. Preserve the European Commission competence to establish (and revise) the high ILUC-risk feedstock criteria via a delegated act.
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