June 2024
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EBB 2024 General Assembly elects new Executive Board
The European Biodiesel Board concluded on the 6th of June its 2024 General Assembly in Brussels. The event saw participation from most of our members and featured presentations by the EBB Secretariat, socio-political research platform EU Matrix and law firm King & Spalding. During the assembly, EBB’s Secretary General Xavier Noyon and EBB President Dickon Posnett took stock of the past year and the opportunities to come for the biodiesel industry. Producing companies from all over Europe sent their representatives to reconvene in Brussels to strengthen the relationships and elect a new EBB Executive Board.  

EBB Executive Board

Just as some European Member States started their votes for the European Elections, EBB members casted their votes to elect a new Executive Board. The EBB Board will constitute of (in alphabetical order):
  • Andrea Di Stefano (ENI)
  • Dickon Posnett (Argent Energy) – President
  • Fredrik Ahlsen Berg (ADM)
  • Ingrid Bausmerth (Total Energies)
  • Isabelle Weber (Saipol)
  • Joern Schneider (Masol)
  • Michael Fiedler-Panajotopoulos (Chevron REG)
  • Olivier Gross (Bio-Oils)
  • Olivier Salmon (Cargill)
  • Pau Ferre (Bunge)
  • Stefan Schreiber (Verbio)
After already having served one term in office, EBB President Dickon Posnett from member company Argent Energy was re-elected to chair the Board meetings in the coming two years. [Text continues after the photo]  

Policy & trade workshops

In addition to the formal part of the EBB General Assembly, members also gathered the day before the G.A. to attend sessions on EU politics and trade. In a session hosted by EBB Secretary General Xavier Noyon and law firm King & Spalding, members learned the latest on ongoing the trade cases of the association. Protection of the European industry against unfair competition from outside the continent remains a key priority for EBB. Unfair subsidies, dumping of biodiesel on the European market and other damaging trade practices cannot be condoned and the industry relies on EBB as a strong uniting actor to defend their interests. Furthermore, as we met just as the European Elections are kicking off, the Secretariat invited the CEO & founder of socio-political research platform EU Matrix to share their intelligence, insights on the latest polls and asked them to ponder on the effects it might have on our industry. It is early days, but it was insightful to see how intelligent data collection shows how Members of the European Parliament vote on key files.
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