October 2021
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The Role of Biodiesel in EU Climate Action
The European Biodiesel Board (EBB) sponsored Studio Gear Up to provide good data about the biodiesel industry and its performance. The study concludes that renewable diesel replacements have an important role in EU climate action. And it further needs to increase towards 2030. Beyond 2030 a large additional volume of renewable fuels is needed in the diesel, fuel oil and kerosene segments, above what will be mandated by the proposed Fit-for-55 package published July 2021 by the European Commission. We found that diesel replacement producers should actively make themselves future-proof to play a role in addressing this gap. At the same time, current regulation hinders the contribution of biodiesel to climate action. The EU Fit-for-55 policy package requires an unprecedented acceleration of climate action in the transport sector. Partially, this follows from mandates as specified by the proposals for RED III, FuelEU Maritime & ReFuelEU Aviation. Together these need a doubling of the deployment of renewable fuels in transport within a decade, from about 18 Mtoe today to 42 Mtoe in 2030. According to the Commission, these renewable fuels in 2030 will for a significant part consist of fuels that hardly exist today, such as e-fuels and advanced biofuels. Read the full report here.
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