May 2022
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‘Biodiesel plays a key role in the decarbonization of transport’

Q&A: Kristell Guizouarn, president of the European Biodiesel Board and Group Regulatory Affairs Director at Groupe Avril, on Fit for 55 and the use of sustainable biodiesel across Europe

Phasing out fossil fuels in the transport sector and other aspects of life is no longer just a climate change issue. The war in Ukraine has emphasized the urgency in reducing the EU’s dependence on fossil fuels. That’s where sustainable biofuels from crops, wastes and residues come into the picture. POLITICO Studio talked to Kristell Guizouarn, the president of the European Biodiesel Board (EBB), a non-profit organization bringing together EU producers of biodiesel from all feedstocks. She spoke about the Fit for 55 package and how sustainable biodiesel can help to decarbonize Europe’s energy and transport sectors. Q. EU countries have a huge challenge ahead of them: phasing out fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 90 percent by 2050. How can biodiesel help the EU to achieve that goal?  A. Transport is a complex sector, requiring a wide range of solutions to move away from fossil fuels. Switching to electric vehicles will not be enough to reach the 2030 climate goals, and road transport electrification will not happen overnight, with today’s buses, trucks, and cars set to remain on the road for years. Read the full article in Politico
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